Photog Intern Time with Mark

Christmas break has FLOWN by this year. I always get home in early December and think I have tons of time before heading back to school, but the month-long break always flies by and I’m left confused and starry-eyed as I repack the bags I never really unpacked in the first place and head back to school. While I’m sad to be leaving my family and friends at home in just a few days, I am excited to jump back into life at CNU. I’m especially excited to jump back into photography at CNU. I’ve missed the sports games, speakers, social events, and weekly photo critiques among us interns and our boss (Jesse Hutcheson) — nothing’s as fun as being reminded week in an week out how much your photos suck! 😉 But seriously, I miss it all and miss being challenged daily in photography and can’t wait to hit the ground running when I go back to school next week!

This past Thursday, I hung out with one of my fellow CNU photography interns and friend, Marky-Mark Graziano (feel free to call him that anytime!). We’d been wanting to get together and shoot around for a while, and I was thrilled that the day that worked out for both of us included sunshine and semi-warmth (as opposed to the -29403859 °C Northern VA had earlier in the week).

Mark has been such a great friend to me as I’ve (slowly) learned the ropes of photography. He answers my stupidest questions and patiently explains photography vocab to me over and over and over again. Despite me coming in and being the obnoxious new intern girl who provided an annoying aspect of competition to Mark’s internship (haha, gotcha), he has only ever been kind, honest, and encouraging to me. I love our brother-sister friendship and how I can be a complete FREAK and he won’t run away from me in embarrassment (at least, he has yet to run). I look forward to seeing how we grow as photographers in our next year and a half at CNU (and beyond)!

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  1. Debster, your “shoot around” is quality stuff. And, that you miss the daily challenge of photography tells me what I have long suspected: you have a passion for this thing at which you are most gifted. Flipping thru your photos is the highlight of my day 🙂 ~a.n.t. p.s. what field of amber waves is Marky-Mark standing, skipping, shouting in?

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