CRU Thrifting Fashion Show

A few months back, the CRU social team (which I’m on and I loooooove) got the wicked SWEET idea of doing a thrifting fashion show as an event for CRU. We’d split up participants into teams, give them a few bucks and a time limit, set them loose in Newport News thrift stores, and then hold a competitive fashion show afterwards, using the items they dished up at the thrift stores. Sounds fun, right??

Welllll… Yesterday we had this event, and it WAS fun. SO fun. I followed teams around with my camera throughout the afternoon, and it was hilarious to see them shopping and prepping for the show. They went all out! I’ll let the pictures do the talking…..

Getting ready in the Ferg bathrooms…… love this girl! You’re great, Katy.


(Seriously…. I was laughing so hard I was CRYING when Rachel strutted with Leopardy.)

Aaaaalmost peed my pants during Abby’s grandma walk…. It was freakin hilarious.

Team One: Corinne, Katy, Julia, & Rachel…..

Team Two: Jena, Chelsie, Abby, & Emily….

Abby and Rachel. #friendsforlife  #nursinghomebingobuddies

Waiting for the results to see who won……

TEAM TWO WON!! Just loooook at Abby……

This event was SO fun and these girls made it hilarious and entertaining! Can’t wait to do it again sometime in the future.

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