Week in Photos

This week has been SO long (lots of 4am bedtimes), but despite being sleep deprived and running on empty, it’s been a good week. Lots of sunshine and fun with friends around campus in between writing papers and reading literature. Enjoy a mixture of shots from the week!

Intramural volleyball…

I DIE laughing every time I look at this photo…. oohh rachel. Love you.

Academic Bowl…

This family was adorable!


Hanging in the Crow’s Nest…

Little shoot with my GORGEOUS friend, Megan….

Charis Makiko Okada

This is Charis. She is one my darlingest, wonderfulest, cutest, sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, gorgeousest, amazingest friends in the whole darn stinkin tootin world. I’ve known her since middle school and our friendship has only gotten better each day since then. She can make me laugh so hard, yet is also an incredible listener, and is so faithful, honest, and encouraging. She’s someone I know will be in my life forever.

Over my spring break, I was home and hanging out with Charis at GMU (where she goes to school), and she kindly let me do a little photoshoot of her. Despite the wind, it turned out to be a fun little shoot! Enjoy some of my favorites.



Love you, Charis!!!!!


March Sunshine

Spring definitely seems to have arrived here at CNU! With temperatures in the 60s and above (today hit mid-80s!), students swarm the outdoors, covering every spot of green grass across campus with their beach towels and sports games. Ultimate frisbee, cornhole, and touch-football matches are held on CNU’s Great Lawn (a large portion of grass on campus that we’ve been told we’re technically not supposed to set foot on…..), and of the dozens of students lounging in the sun, I have to wonder how many of them choose the outdoors over going to class (don’t worry, Mom & Dad! i haven’t done such a thing! (yet)).

Below are some shots of campus life on these sunny days. The temperatures seem like they’re here to stay, and I couldn’t be more happy to be out in the sun, snapping away (ever-so-creepily) at my fellow classmates…..

Laura Little, you’re a cutie……

Candace modeling for me…. Stunning!

Redskins Girls and Spring Break Quarantining

CNU is on spring break this week, and I’m home in Northern Va., trying to catch up on sleep and take time to BREATH (two things I rarely have time for when I’m at school). I love my family, so being home with them only brings me joy. Well, I shouldn’t say only joy. ¬†As I learned today, family brings other things too……

Today when I got home from spending a few days with my grandparents in Ashburn, Va., I was greeted as I walked in the door with the news that Tori, my 15-year old sister, is sick with strep-throat. And low and behold, who should I see sleeping in MY bed when I walk upstairs to my room but the sickling herself! Tor Tor and I share a room, and I guess my berth was more attractive looking to her unwell eyes than her own bed. Considering she’s still contagious (and is all cutely cuddled up in my duvet), I shall be quarantining our room and setting up camp elsewhere for a few days.

Despite a sick sister (praying she doesn’t spread strep to the rest of us) and no bedroom for a few days, home is home and I’m loving it. Besides… I made good use of Tori and one of our other sisters, Abby (12), a few days ago and did a little “Redskins Girls” shoot with them. I hope you all are having a great week! Enjoy these few favorites of mine from the shoot…….

Beautiful Tori….

Abby, purple crocs and all, splashing rocks into the puddles…

Sweet Abby….