Charis Makiko Okada

This is Charis. She is one my darlingest, wonderfulest, cutest, sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, gorgeousest, amazingest friends in the whole darn stinkin tootin world. I’ve known her since middle school and our friendship has only gotten better each day since then. She can make me laugh so hard, yet is also an incredible listener, and isContinue reading “Charis Makiko Okada”

Redskins Girls and Spring Break Quarantining

CNU is on spring break this week, and I’m home in Northern Va., trying to catch up on sleep and take time to BREATH (two things I rarely have time for when I’m at school). I love my family, so being home with them only brings me joy. Well, I shouldn’t say only joy. ¬†AsContinue reading “Redskins Girls and Spring Break Quarantining”