March Sunshine

Spring definitely seems to have arrived here at CNU! With temperatures in the 60s and above (today hit mid-80s!), students swarm the outdoors, covering every spot of green grass across campus with their beach towels and sports games. Ultimate frisbee, cornhole, and touch-football matches are held on CNU’s Great Lawn (a large portion of grass on campus that we’ve been told we’re technically not supposed to set foot on…..), and of the dozens of students lounging in the sun, I have to wonder how many of them choose the outdoors over going to class (don’t worry, Mom & Dad! i haven’t done such a thing! (yet)).

Below are some shots of campus life on these sunny days. The temperatures seem like they’re here to stay, and I couldn’t be more happy to be out in the sun, snapping away (ever-so-creepily) at my fellow classmates…..

Laura Little, you’re a cutie……

Candace modeling for me…. Stunning!

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