Future Roommates

Now that finals are over and my summer is officially here (SCARY saying that!!), I finally have time to go through all the photo shoots from the past few weeks! This post today, the first of many to come, features six freshman girls who met this past year and are going to be living together next year! They’re six BEAUTIFUL girls (seriously, they’re stuuuuuuunning) and they are the SWEETEST sweethearts, who love Jesus and love CNU. I’m so excited to visit them in their dorm next year!!

Enjoy some of my favorites! (Left to right: Jordan, Bethany, Lexi, Grace, Alyse, & Amanda.)

CNU beauties: Katy & Julia

Meet Katy and Julia. Two sophomore besties at CNU. SO funny, SO adorable, SO gorgeous… SO photogenic! Today we spent a fun afternoon together, doing a photoshoot along different areas of the James River near CNU.

You girls are so much fun and I loved spending time with you today! Some of your goofiest photos are at the end of the post as “bloopers.” Enjoy!!!

Love this….

Get it, Katy…..



CNU Señor: Nikki Odderstol

I met her my freshman year when she was a sophomore. We were in the same Bible Study, and I had THE BIGGEST friend-crush on her, and thought she was THE coolest girl around. The next year, I got to know her better and found out that not only was she THE coolest girl around, but she was super involved on campus and balanced her life like a superstar. Bottom line…… I wanted to be this girl.

Yesterday, I got to hangout with this girl: the beautiful Nikki Odderstol. She is graduating this year and wanted senior portraits taken just wanted to get some pictures taken around campus, and I was more than happy to be her photographer!! (She doesn’t like to speak of graduation, and she calls herself “señor Nikki” to make light of her senior status.)

Nikki, thanks for making my afternoon so fun! You are GORGEOUS, and were so easy to photograph. Thanks for making me laugh continually throughout the shoot. You’re wonderful!!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Sophomore Shoot: Chelsea, Kelsey, Christa, & Rachel

Had a fun shoot today with some sweet sophomore girls!!! I’ve known Chelsea for a while, and had fun with her and her roommates this afternoon as we snapped some photos to decorate their living room with next year! These girls were giggly and beautiful and so much fun. Take a look of some of my favorites….

You girls were great!! Thanks for the fun afternoon!