Megan & Lauren

I don’t know where to begin with these two. Cheesy as it is, my heart overflows with joy and love when I think of my darlings Lauren and Megan. I’ve been in love with them since their freshman, my sophomore year last year, and this past school year that love has only grown.

Lauren recently joined Young Life at CNU and has started leading at York High School (whoop whoop!!). She has such a heart for high schoolers and I can’t wait to see her THRIVE at York! She also plays tennis for CNU, and on top of that is an excellent soccer player (baaasically is just an amazing all-around athlete). Lo is one of the most compassionate, sweetest girls I know and she cares deeply for those around her. She is a faithful friend and someone you just want to be around all the time! I’ve had the joy of getting to know her even better this past year through “discipling” her (Cru term for biblical mentoring) and every week when we’d meet, I’d look forward to learning from her!! Lo gives great hugs, has the BEST laugh, and seeing her makes my day 20584084360280x brighter!! Lauren truly shines the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” I hope to be more like her one day!!

Megan is a crazy, goofy loveable dear who is always on the move and ready conquer the world! She’s the president of T.A.P. (The Africa Project, an organization at CNU that Megan started to raise money to build an orphanage in Africa), she participates in what seems like EVERY intramural sport offered at CNU, she’s involved in Cru, and she loves Jesus, isn’t afraid to call you out, and can often be found wrestling dancing in my living room with my roommate and one of her bestfriends, Rachel Hrovat. Megan can make me laugh like none other and is an incredible encourager on bad AND good days. She has a passion for the Lord that provokes me to run after Him more. She is a faithful doer of the things He’s put in her path, and she desires to please Him as she lives out His purposes in her life!

Both girls are (OBVIOUSLY) amazing women and I can’t believe I get to call them my friends!!! I am so blessed!! I did this shoot of them a few months ago, and have had the folder of pictures sitting on my desktop, staring at me for me to go through and post! Tonight, at home in Northern VA away from them and CNU, I find myself missing them terribly. Lauren & Megan, I love you girls always and forever. Enjoy these MUCH overdue photos of your gorgeous faces!

Freshman Suite Photoshoot

Another spring shoot of some freshman suitemates at CNU!! These girls were darling. They kept me laughing, and patiently waited for many a runner to pass by on the Noland Trail during the shoot (silly runners…. trails and bridges are for photoshoots, not afternoon jogs!) I absolutely LOVED the girls’ simple but classy outfit coordination. Enjoy my favorites!!

Future Roommates

Now that finals are over and my summer is officially here (SCARY saying that!!), I finally have time to go through all the photo shoots from the past few weeks! This post today, the first of many to come, features six freshman girls who met this past year and are going to be living together next year! They’re six BEAUTIFUL girls (seriously, they’re stuuuuuuunning) and they are the SWEETEST sweethearts, who love Jesus and love CNU. I’m so excited to visit them in their dorm next year!!

Enjoy some of my favorites! (Left to right: Jordan, Bethany, Lexi, Grace, Alyse, & Amanda.)

Charis Makiko Okada

This is Charis. She is one my darlingest, wonderfulest, cutest, sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, gorgeousest, amazingest friends in the whole darn stinkin tootin world. I’ve known her since middle school and our friendship has only gotten better each day since then. She can make me laugh so hard, yet is also an incredible listener, and is so faithful, honest, and encouraging. She’s someone I know will be in my life forever.

Over my spring break, I was home and hanging out with Charis at GMU (where she goes to school), and she kindly let me do a little photoshoot of her. Despite the wind, it turned out to be a fun little shoot! Enjoy some of my favorites.



Love you, Charis!!!!!


Redskins Girls and Spring Break Quarantining

CNU is on spring break this week, and I’m home in Northern Va., trying to catch up on sleep and take time to BREATH (two things I rarely have time for when I’m at school). I love my family, so being home with them only brings me joy. Well, I shouldn’t say only joy.  As I learned today, family brings other things too……

Today when I got home from spending a few days with my grandparents in Ashburn, Va., I was greeted as I walked in the door with the news that Tori, my 15-year old sister, is sick with strep-throat. And low and behold, who should I see sleeping in MY bed when I walk upstairs to my room but the sickling herself! Tor Tor and I share a room, and I guess my berth was more attractive looking to her unwell eyes than her own bed. Considering she’s still contagious (and is all cutely cuddled up in my duvet), I shall be quarantining our room and setting up camp elsewhere for a few days.

Despite a sick sister (praying she doesn’t spread strep to the rest of us) and no bedroom for a few days, home is home and I’m loving it. Besides… I made good use of Tori and one of our other sisters, Abby (12), a few days ago and did a little “Redskins Girls” shoot with them. I hope you all are having a great week! Enjoy these few favorites of mine from the shoot…….

Beautiful Tori….

Abby, purple crocs and all, splashing rocks into the puddles…

Sweet Abby….

Photog Intern Time with Mark

Christmas break has FLOWN by this year. I always get home in early December and think I have tons of time before heading back to school, but the month-long break always flies by and I’m left confused and starry-eyed as I repack the bags I never really unpacked in the first place and head back to school. While I’m sad to be leaving my family and friends at home in just a few days, I am excited to jump back into life at CNU. I’m especially excited to jump back into photography at CNU. I’ve missed the sports games, speakers, social events, and weekly photo critiques among us interns and our boss (Jesse Hutcheson) — nothing’s as fun as being reminded week in an week out how much your photos suck! 😉 But seriously, I miss it all and miss being challenged daily in photography and can’t wait to hit the ground running when I go back to school next week!

This past Thursday, I hung out with one of my fellow CNU photography interns and friend, Marky-Mark Graziano (feel free to call him that anytime!). We’d been wanting to get together and shoot around for a while, and I was thrilled that the day that worked out for both of us included sunshine and semi-warmth (as opposed to the -29403859 °C Northern VA had earlier in the week).

Mark has been such a great friend to me as I’ve (slowly) learned the ropes of photography. He answers my stupidest questions and patiently explains photography vocab to me over and over and over again. Despite me coming in and being the obnoxious new intern girl who provided an annoying aspect of competition to Mark’s internship (haha, gotcha), he has only ever been kind, honest, and encouraging to me. I love our brother-sister friendship and how I can be a complete FREAK and he won’t run away from me in embarrassment (at least, he has yet to run). I look forward to seeing how we grow as photographers in our next year and a half at CNU (and beyond)!

Morgan Elizabeth

Meet Morgan. She’s one of my darling, gorgeous, close friends at CNU. She loves sports, Phi Mu, running, and Jesus (just to name a few). She’s awesome at doing any kind of makeup; she’s a goofball who loves to get crazy; she has IMPECCABLE style; and she adores Duke-anything (something me and my UMD upbringing will never understand). When I first met Morgan our freshman year, I had THE biggest friend-crush on her. I wanted to know her so badly! But Freshman year passed without much happening between us, besides the quick smile and “hello” when we saw each other around campus. However, I don’t know what changed sophomore year but through a series of hangouts we ended up becoming fast friends (and I found out she’d had a friend crush on ME too! who’da thought??).

Morgan is someone I can be totally crazy with and not have a care in the world. She’s someone I can have deep conversations with and walk away feeling so encouraged and understood. She carries a peace and joy about her that radiates to those around her.

Morgan was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since her diagnosis, she’s had surgery to remove her thyroid and this Christmas break will begin radiation. While most 20 year olds would respond to this illness with anger, frustration, confusion, and fear, Morgan has done nothing but run to God and trust Him during this trial. Morgan describes having cancer on her blog as “the best thing that has ever happened to her.”

“My scar [from the surgery] is now my favorite part of me. It’s a battle wound that is a daily reminder of God’s love for me. A daily reminder that I can be strong. A daily reminder to be thankful for all that I have been given. A daily reminder of the new person I am.”

Morgan, thank you for teaching me about what true strength, love, gratefulness, and joy look like. Thanks for being such a shining example of someone trusting God with every day, rejoicing in the blessings He’s given that so many people ignore. You are such an inspiration to me and I love you forever. (And thanks for modeling for me and being so fun and easy-going during the shoot.) xxoo girly girl


Goofy girl 🙂



Holy guacamole….. STOOOPPP….

Love this Morgan face …

Perfect end to the shoot….